The AirMobile solution includes client collectors called AirMobile Collector™ and a server application, AirMobile Analyzer™.

Collectors runs 24/7 on host computers and test continuously towards application server. The collectors use computers API to collect Wi-Fi data from existing network cards.

Data from collectors are generated to AirMobile Analyzer™.

AirMobile Analyzer™ consolidates data from different collectors and simplify analytics plus provides service level reports and real time alarms.

The AirMobile colored SLA screen shows daily realtime quality from real clients including alarms

The AirMobile Advisor screen show expert-alarms finding real problems in real time, in example screen it suspects a sticky client issue that causes the 4:40 minutes network outage

Clicking “Analysis” on Advisor screen takes you to time correlated data causing the alarm and it is presented in graphs, from here customer can dig and find root cause problems, there is also a colored bar showing cient vs AP roaming in different colors


Going further in this analysis the AirMobile RF graph shows this particular client is not roaming although it has several neighboring APs and a very low signal (-85dBm at most). Now we 100% understand this is an client issue and not network related.


The AirMobile Coverage screen show among other things how clients perceive the network (access points). This is a real time coverage assessment of your network infrastructure. By sorting on Average Available APs we can understand AP isolation problems.



AirMobile Collector

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